Buying Home Furniture: Dressers & Chests

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There are a number of options for bedroom furniture. Learn how to choose dressers and chests when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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So let's talk about bedroom furniture. In the bedroom, there are different things that go in the bedroom. You can put a dresser, which is the long dresser. A dresser is used to put your whites, your t-shirts, your pants. Don't put anything to heavy because the drawers again are not designed to put anything that heavy. But the dressers design again, is to hold accessory pieces to make it look good. Designed to put your perfumes, colognes. You also with the dresser can put a mirror. If you like that mirror to see yourself to see how good looking you are in the mirror. So you have the mirror here design. You can have a wide mirror like this again for you wide people. You can have a mirror that's wide, you can have a tall mirror. Besides the dressers, they also carry chests. The chest again is designed for your whites, your socks, your pants and different things. Again, they use this again for spacing. If you don't have the space, go with the dressers. It's a nice piece again to use that, because you've got to be able to put your clothes away. Besides the chest, you have night stands, which are to this side over here. The night stands are a smaller piece. Again designed to put your, to put a lamp. So you can see at night to read a book. You can actually put again your whites and different things in there.