Tips for Ironing Pockets of Blue Jeans

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Tips for ironing pockets of blue jeans from a professional seamstress in this free video on ironing clothing. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Marti. On behalf of I'm going to share with you today how to press a pair of pants. We are going to be pressing a pair of blue jeans using starch. I'm going to double check the top of these pants these pockets are a little wacky they need to be pressed here. So I'm going to start by taking the nose of my iron and sticking it on the inside and then I'm going to come back working on the seam and using some tension. Press that down to where it doesn't buckle so badly. That way it will lay smooth and let them cool match your inner seam and your outer seams, hang them up and you are good to go with a pair of nice crease starch blue jeans.