Correct Materials for Building a Picket Fence

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Building a new picket fence requires the correct materials. Learn about what materials to have from a professional contractor in this free home improvement video. View Video Transcript

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My name is Gail Thompson, owner and operator of Gardens to Grow in Pacific Grove, California. We are here today to instruct you on how to install a picket fence. Of course you will need some concrete mix. Now this is a ready to use concrete mix that you will need to help set your posts, your 4x4 posts. Usually two per post is going to be sufficient. These also come in 80 pound sacks. For this particular fence two 60 pound sacks will be sufficient. Here is your two 4x4 posts. Now pressure treated means that this particular wood has been infused with a chemical to prevent deterioration of the wood. This is my pressure treated 2x4 used for the framing of your picket fence. These little 1x were scraps that I got from my local lumber yard and these will be used to help set and keep our 4x4 posts plumb. Of course you need pickets for your picket fence.