Materials for Staining Furniture

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A whitewash stain will give your furniture a rustic look. Learn how to stain and age furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Okay, in this next clip, we're going to talk about the materials needed for staining and whitewashing this furniture. Okay, today we're trying to take a pretty inexpensive piece of pine furniture and make it look old, and antique. There's different ways of doing that. Now, because it's pine, I don't really care for the color, the light color and when you're using a whitewash, you want to have that darkness come through to give it that real rustic look. So what I like to do is use a very dark wood stain first. Now this will be the first process of the job. We will stain everything. I'll show you how to, tips on how to do it, how to give it the right amount of coats for the desired amount that what we're looking for. Now realize, I'll tell you, when you start whitewashing furniture, it's very addicting. You're going to see that you love it one way or you like something another way, so you're going to experiment with different ways. Now I've been doing it long enough that I know exactly what I'm looking for today, and I'm looking for that old, rustic antique. So again, we're talking about materials. We're going to use a nice, dark wood stain. You're going to use what you like and experimenting, of course. You could use a piece of pine wood to get that experimentation. We're going to go with some whitewash pickling stain, which will give it a nice rustic look. But also, I learned this from my uncle many years ago, who was a painter, he used to just take some regular enamel and mix it with water. And the more water you mix, it's usually like a fifty fifty ratio. But if you wanted less of the paint to be on, over, to go on over the staining, you would use more water. So come back and I'll show you the tools needed for this job.