Coat Rack Tools Needed

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A measuring tape and pencil are needed to build a coat rack. Discover all the tools needed to build a coat rack with tips from an industrial design teacher in this free woodwork video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is John and in this clip I'll be talking about the tools needed to complete our project. For our project you'll need a measuring tape and pencil to do all of our measuring and marking. You'll need some various grits of sand paper and I also recommend a sanding sponge. We're going to be using a radio arm saw to cut all of our stock to length and we're also going to be needing a table saw so that we can size the width of all of our pieces. I'd also recommend using a joiner to clean up the edges of our pieces once we run them through the table saw. We're going to be using a drill with some various drill bits and a screw driver bits to assemble our project. We'll also need glue and screws and lastly we're also going to need a router with a crown shape router bit. Now you can use whatever shape that you want for your router bit. I chose a crown shape because it gives it a little bit more of a fancy look.