How to Use Dryer Sheets

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. I almost forgot one thing before I press start on the dryer. I forgot to put in a dryer sheet. What is a dryer sheet for, well a couple of things. Dryer sheets makes your clothes feel all nice, smell all nice, keep it soft, but the other thing to do the real important reason they are there is take the lent of the clothes. If you have hair on your clothes or if you have a bunch of lent on your clothes that would take off the lent and the hair and everything. It also keeps from getting static on your clothes especially in winter time when there is lot of static cling everywhere and you are wearing lots of sweaters. It creates a lot of static electricity, you don't want things clinging to you while you use a dryer sheet. It would take care of that too. Those are really important reasons why you need a dryer sheet. So you throw one end, don't throw to many in like 7 or 8 in. That is not good either. Just one would do for each load, you go ahead and put that in. Now I'm ready to press start here on my dryer, here on Expert Village laundry 101.