How to Choose the Perfect Plant for Your office

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Size, shape and color are a few elements to consider when choosing an office plant. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, John, Paradise Palm at Salt Lake City, Utah on the behalf of Expert Village. I want to just go over some general things that you might want to keep in mind when your choosing a plant for an office. Most places in an office typically have overhead lighting inside, and have either windows or no windows. A couple of things you want to keep in mind for an office environment is, before you even look at lighting is decided on the space which you are trying to occupy with the plant. Is it on top of a file cabinet? Is it on the side of your desk to obstruct cords in the corner from your computer? Go with dimensions. Is it a tall plant that your looking for? Narrow, fat, skinny? You want to choose and go to a place with dimensions in mind. I have a corner, it's narrow and I need it at five feet tall, and make your choices, then, to lighting. Once you've got your dimensions in mind, which is very important, is to find out the kind of light you have. If you know your office, do you have windows? Which way do they face? North or east, it's a medium to low light plant. West or south facing windows, it's probably going to be a higher light plant. If you have no windows and you have overhead fluorescent lighting, you would consider that a low light situation. You want to pick your plants accordingly. Ideally, you go to a place where people will know their plants and you can choose a plant which is a low light plant, such as this Neanthe bella palm. Or, if you have a high light situation and your looking for stature for something such as this Ficus tree or a different alternative Ficus as this Fiddle Leaf Ficus. But, again, you can pick a plant that's far too big for your office or far to small for your office. You want to make sure you keep dimensions in mind and that you get your lighting down. Know that if it's high or low light and make your choices accordingly.