Cherry Stain on Maple Wood

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Chery stain on maple can look very much like cherry wood. Learn this and other helpful tips for staining wood in this free woodworking and wood project series from an expert carpenter. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we're going to look at how cherry stain on maple can give a very decent approximation of actual cherry. And believe me, staining maple is a a lot cheaper than buying cherry. Let's take look. This is cherry plywood that we looked at earlier, and here's a piece of maple that I've stained with a little bit of cherry stain. Now obviously you're not necessarily going to fool anybody that this is cherry, as you can see them side by side. There is definitely a difference, but cherry can be difficult to find and quite expensive. So if you have some maple, a little bit of cherry stain can give a pretty decent approximation of cherry. They do have a very similar grain structure. So if you do a, do a decent job of staining you might be able to convince a lot of people that you've made a piece out of cherry when you've in fact made it out of maple.