Blending Furniture Finish With Steel Wool

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Smooth out an aged furniture finish with steel wool. Learn techniques for aging and whitewashing furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Okay, in this next clip I'm going to show you now how to just smooth everything out and make it all blend. Alright, so you've done everything that you think you could do, now realize there's not enough, or a little, or a lot, it's your preference as to when you want to stop with the scraping and the sanding and the beating up of the wood. I like what I achieved, now it's time to just get everything right, and smooth, and finished. So what you're going to do is with your scraper is just lightly scrape, you're going to lightly scrape everything down like so, we're just giving it a quick scrape to get off any excess or anything, and what you want to do then is come back with your rag, just give it a quick wipe off with your rag for any loose dust or sand or particles. And what you're going to do then is get your steel wool; your steel wool will smooth everything out. If you go with the steel wool, triple zero, very fine, very smooth, just to like sort of smooth everything out and sort of feather any of the paint or the sanding that you might not have accomplished with the sandpaper, just to give it like a feathering effect, and we'll also smooth everything. If you don't have steel wool, you can go up to a 220 or even a 300 sandpaper, usually a 220 is the standard number for that, for smoothing out. You're just going to want to work everything nice, same way you did it, and you'll see like just by doing this you're giving it a nice smooth look, you'll feel it, it's nice, no splinters, you don't want anyone to get splinters, and just look at how beautiful this looks! I mean this, we took a pretty inexpensive piece of pine armoire that was relatively cheap and we turned it into something that looks very old and antique, and we did it in one weekend. So come back, I'm just going to talk to you a little bit about where to get everything, about cost, and about how to do this on a weekend project with you and your family.