Laundry Tips: Wooden & Metal Hangers

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After doing laundry, hang suits on wooden or metallic hangers to maintain their shape. Use wooden or metallic hangers with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. All right, we're going to go back into hangers for a sec. So, the other ones I showed you were just little plastic ones that are perfect for, like, I mean, I just had a pair of like chords and like, I don't know, hoodie and what not, and that works out well. But I've got one of my suits here, and I've got this sweet hanger that I might have stolen from a hotel, I'm not sure. But it's cool because it's got this part for your pants right here, and then it's got a nice, like, support for your jacket, that keeps your shoulders--will keep your shoulder pads looking good. They've got more of these that have--just kind like meaty edges to them that will keep your jacket looking nice and firm. And honestly, if you make an investment into a hundred and fifty dollar suit and you want it to look good and look nice, make sure you properly hang it up. You've got the pants right here. What you do, is drop this part down, and then you start sliding--let's see if I can demonstrate this properly. Basically the wood in the metal, you slide it in between the wood and in between the metal. Then you get your pants hanging on there. Make sure you get it even, and make sure everything is like nice and laid out. And then you close it up inside. Perfect. So what's nice is your pants aren't going to slide out if it shakes around or anything. And then the next part is the jacket. Then you're able to slide your jacket right over this, and then do a button up on this, and then kind of getting it looking nice. And then that's ready to go back in your closet. So, definitely make sure you've got the right hanger for the right type of stuff. And, like I said, that's--your close are an investment, especially a suit or something like that. You want to make sure you put it back in properly.