Painting the Primer Coat: Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to paint a primer coat on your wood fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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So here we got a leftover gallon of multipurpose primer interior, exterior works for pretty much all jobs. So to get any lid off the paint can you could use a flat screwdriver. Just place it here between the lip of the lid and the outside lip of the can and you just twist and pull up at the same time. Just twist the can. Do that a few times all the way around. Paint lid comes off. You could see this paint has been sitting for a little while so it got a little bit of separation to it. So just get your self a paint stir stick from a home improvement place or anything that you may have lying around. Just give it a good stir. Make sure that it mixes well. You would get that oily stuff on the top and just scrap off your stir stick preventing any kind of mess. Just set it right in here and since we don't have that much to prime we are not going to use the roller for priming we just going to use this brush here. We are going to save the roller for the actual color that we are going to paint and that would also prevent us from having to wash out our roller two times. So painting is pretty straight forward. You want to make sure that you can kind of hold your paint brush almost how you hold a pencil. That would give you the most moveability. Allow you to paint whatever direction that you want to paint and it would also won't be as hard as your hand if your are trying to go like that just hold it like that. So hold it like a pencil kind of guide it with your first three fingers here and you don't want to put to much paint on your brush maybe like a quarter to a inch just like that. When you pull it up just spin it so it doesn't drip and then you just kind of lay it in and you want to make sure that you get deep into any groove of bare wood that may be down there cause more then anything we want to make sure that this is seal so it doesn't rot in the future. It is okay to dip again and put a little bit more on there to make sure that we got enough and just repeat. You don't want to put to much paint on your brush and make a mess so. You can pretty much see how it works. So we are going to repeat that. Finish up the priming on the front here.