Recognizing Bad Furniture Repair

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Furniture repair and restoration should be done carefully. Find out how to recognize a bad furniture repair job in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Recognizing a bad repair job, probably we would see things like mending plates, screwed onto the bottoms, where boards were splitting, stuff like that, where they didn't actually take them and repair them, it was just a quick fix. We would fix that. A lot of times you'd find it in upholstered goods. Say an upholsterer, that might not be schooled in doing repairs, just upholstery, will take the only thing that would be holding that upholstered piece together, was the upholstery and they would take and actually glue, some of the upholstery on there to kind of hold the legs in place and then they'd get their upholstery on there and nobody would actually see anything, until the legs started wiggling later on and then pieces break. By then you've paid all that money, for having your upholstery work done and you've got a piece that nobody can sit in. What we always have recommended is that you bring that upholstered piece to us, let us take it apart and make sure that all the works are in good order and that you've got a solid frame, then take it to your upholstery shop, or, wherever you want to have it done and get it upholstered, after that. Then you've got something that's going to last you for as long as you want to keep that fabric on there. I have run into a lot of things where people will put a color, like this, in a dark Ruben Mahogany piece, like this, for lets say a veneer repair or they'll put a rectangle, right here in the middle of a piece like this, instead of using a pointed type of inlay, so that you could blend it in with your grain. You'll find like little squares stuck into the middle of a table, you'll find all kinds of different things like that, over the years and you don't dare say much because a lot of times it's the wife's husband, so you don't want to embarrass him too much. Anyway, those are some of the things we find. We find where the drawers were never really repaired, it just was refinished, so your drawers, instead of sliding in there correctly are catching on the bottom of the drawer front so you've got to repair those edges of all those drawer sides and then refit the drawer, just like it's brand new. Those are some of the things we'd find, on repairs.