How to Iron the Outside Leg of Pleated Pants

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Learn how to iron the outside leg of pleated pants from a professional seamstress in this free video on ironing clothing. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Marti. On behalf of I'm going to show you how to iron a pair of cotton pants today with pleats. Again the steam helps to soften the fiber and when we cool will be more in shape. Once we ironed the top of our pants go ahead button your waistband and put your pants over. We are going to line up all of our four seams of your pants. It will give us a natural break line for that crease once you get all four of them lined up. This cotton has a tendency to shine so I'm going to be using a flower sack to help prevent it from it shining so much. First thing I'm going to do is open the top pant leg and we are going to iron that first.