Washing Silk

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Silk can be a tricky fabric to wash, but cold water helps preserve the garment. Learn how to wash silk from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies and we're going to talk today about washing our silk shirts, dress shirts or any type of silk, you know you've got your silk scarfs, things of that nature. So with your silks you've got your washing machine setting at silk. Some do not have a silk setting, you can put it on your delicate or if it has a hand wash setting, go ahead and use that. If it does have a silk setting just use that, it's going to wash it in cold water, so there's no risk of any, you know, discoloration or stretching, things of that nature. You want to make sure that those stay in the same position as when you put them in there. So again, you've got your cold setting, you've got your silk, delicate or hand wash setting and you'll just give it a good wash that way. The other thing that you can do if you don't have any of those settings on your washing machine is hand wash your silks, just like with your silk ties. You wouldn't want to put those in the washing machine, you'll just go ahead and do those hand washed and lay them out to dry. You can dry your silks, if you've got your silk shirts, you'll just put those in and you would put it on a very cool setting. And you've got your delicate setting here and your cool temperature and you'll be set to go with your silks.