How to Identify an Overwatered Plant

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All this is my example. I water it everyday and it still dies. This is the problem with over watering. I've kept this pot in a box of water for 2 weeks now and it is surviving. Surprisingly it has done all right. You can see the top is starting to rot. You take it out of the pot, kind of smells. The roots actually don't look too bad. I'm a little surprised. I would think that the roots would start getting a little brown which they are a little on the root hairs. I think they are contingent in a situation, it would get worse and worse. When you say Nicole, who would keep a plant in a box of water. This is kind of the same thing. Everybody has saucers under their plants. If I water my plant and all the water just drains out and left on the bottom, you are kind of creating a same situation where you are opening a plant up to root rot diseases and it is going to slowly decline and it is going to die.