Filling Pores in Wood Furniture

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Wood such as mahogany must have the wood pores filled before staining. Find out why it is important to fill the wood pores before staining in this free video. View Video Transcript

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What some people like to, say they've had this chest here for a long time and it was a real, kind of a dark red color, they may have something refinished just so they could change it to a lighter brown like this is now. And, that's some of the reasons why people have stuff refinished. But this is also mahogany, so these pores have had to be wood filled and it's a wood pore filler which, you only have to wood fill the pores if it's mahogany, or walnut, or oak, or anything like that that has the pores. Maple and cherry don't have the pores so you don't have to wood fill them. And, this is stained and wood filled now so the pores are full, so this is ready for your sealers. To go in the finishing room and be sealed.