How to Properly Place an Orchid in a Pot

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Tips for carefully and safely placing an orchid inside a pot is discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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John with Paradise Palm, Salt Lake City, Utah on the behalf of Expert We just wanted to follow up with, after potting a Bonsai, how you might choose to repot an Orchid. Most Orchids, such how we sell them, come very root bound, very packed in their soil, and it's usually a good idea to prevent water stress by repotting the Orchid. Ideally, you choose a container, whether it's an Orchid such as this with the wholes all the way around, as well as the bottom. Most important, it has drainage at the bottom, it's absolutely critical for repotting an Orchid. In addition to having an Orchid to repot, about having an Orchid medium. This is medium grade bark, specifically for Orchids. You want to make sure whether you use gravel, marbles, bark, or any combination of the above that it's a very reasonably large substrate, not houseplant soil, otherwise you will not have success with your Orchid over time. We've got an Orchid, a nice Dendrobium here, and a great Orchid pot. First and foremost, is I'm going to put a lot of this medium in before. Not too much, but I want to get some of the medium in before for proper drainage. You don't want to just stick the Orchid in and then pour around. Un-pot your Orchid that you need to repot. As you can see this is mostly roots. Secure it in the pot in the manner that which you think looks good. I'm just going to center it and then continue to carefully pour your Orchid medium around that plant until it's secure inside the pot. And, I'm just going to keep pouring this bark around without packing, or pushing, or smashing so that it falls evenly throughout the roots. It will eventually hold itself up and I can put the appropriate amount of bark in there. Now, again, the bark or the substrate should be very course, such as this, so it provides ample drainage, not too much moisture. And, once you've done that, you actually choose to top it off with sheet moss or any decorative materials. But, most important, when I water this plant, it drains through, it has plenty of root space. There's nothing to hold excess water or pooled water with is kind of the enemy of a healthy Orchid. You do that, a nice beautiful pot, you can have yourself a very healthy plant that usually will do well, if not, be a lifetime plant for you and re-bloom repeatedly.