Applying Water-Based Stain to Pine Wood

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On this clip we're going to take a look at applying water based stain to a piece of material. In this particular case I've used the same basic technique as I showed with the stain earlier, the overlapping circles. But, as you can possibly see with this product, it doesn't have a tendency to raise the grain as much as the oil based stain and, in the case, I didn't condition the wood at all. So I'm just going straight onto the wood with the stain. And you can possibly see that the color stays pretty consistent. It's just, you have to keep it wetter, which means you, you have to use more. Go back to your bottle of stain more often to keep it wet because it will soak in very readily to the material. But as you can see it's a pretty even coat of color. Let me get a closer look at that, and as compared to an untreated piece of wood using an oil base stain. So this, this is probably a pretty good choice for you beginners.