How to Perfectly Arrange Your House Plant in a Pot

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Picking the right-sized pot with a matching décor will allow you to perfectly arrange your house plant. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, John here with Paradise Palm in Salt Lake City, Utah on the behalf of Just want to show you an alternative way to stage a plant into a decorative pot, outside of just mossing the plant. Real quick here, I have a Ficus Corkscrew, I have a decorative pot with a deep vinyl saucer. I want to put this plant in here, I've chosen this pot out, I think it looks good with the tree, but I think it looks a little naked in there by itself and I want to make sure it has something other than moss on the top. I recommend, in top dressing like this, it often looks good to put alternative lower plants that fill the bottom out. And, I'm using two deep vinyl saucers because you want to saucer everything individually, and drop in what I have are some Pothos which fill out quite nicely and are great lower light plants, and drop those into those saucers. And, as an alternative to just having moss at the bottom of the plant or nothing at all, you have some nice full decorative foliage, in their own saucers because they have different water needs than the Ficus. Filling that pot out, and if I want to see the pot a little bit more I can move things aside a little bit. But it's just a great alternative way to top dress a plant and stage it correctly in a professional manner that an interior plant-scape company would, such as ourselves.