Restoring Fire Damaged Wood Furniture

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Even wood furniture damaged by fire can be restored. See an example of wood furniture restored after fire damage in this free video. View Video Transcript

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If you ever have a fire in your house or in your business or whatever, and you have a lot of valuable pieces in there or things that are very sentimental to you. Before you decide to just throw all that stuff away, you'd give people like us a call to come over there and take a look at it. Because we've literally have pulled pieces of furniture out of a pile in the backyard that was to be thrown into the dump. We've gone into dumpsters and taken the pieces out of the dumpsters and restored them for the people. They just didn't have an idea it could even be restored. This piece was in a fire, along with several other pieces. It was a sentimental piece to the people, they wanted to have it restored, and this was completely black and we've been stripping the furniture finishes off of here and then getting it sanded back down, getting it back to the bare wood and we'll get it back to where it looked just like it did and it will have a better finish on it then when it originally was built.