Layout for Coat Rack Stud Holes

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Layout coat rack stud holes to compensate for coat weight. Learn how to layout coat rack stud holes with tips from an industrial design teacher in this free woodwork video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is John and is this clip we'll be laying out and drilling our stud holes. Now since we are building a coat rack and coats can get pretty heavy, we have six hooks, so we could feasibly have six different coats hanging on our coat rack. What we need to do when we install it is to install it into studs in the wall and this is going to prevent it from pulling out of the wall with the weight of the coats. Now essentially what we're going to be doing to install this, is to we're going to take a long screw and we're going screw it right through our project into a stud in the wall. However, we also want to make our project look good, so what we're going to do is countersink our screws and we're going to install these buttons on top of those countersunk screws and that's going to cover those up and give it a really nice finished look. Now first we're going to measure the distance between each peg, which is about six inches, and we're going to come in and make a mark halfway between those pegs. We're also going to make a mark the other way at the halfway mark; this is going to give us a little crosshair for where we should drill for our screws to go. Next we're going to drill a pilot hole through our crosshairs, all the way through our project and just make sure you don't drill a hole through the table below it. Next, we're going to be drilling our countersink hole with a three-eighths inch drill bit and we're just going to drill that down, oh about three-eights of an inch. Then we can go ahead and test our buttons in those holes that we've just drilled and that looks pretty nice.