Learn the Different Varieties of Bamboo

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Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Today we're talking about bamboo and the varieties of bamboo that you can purchase. This bamboo here is runner. It's a pleioblastus. What happens is the roots will grow right under the ground, and pretty much take over an entire area. These are the bamboos that you kind of have to watch out for and give them kind of a barrier so that they don't take over. Next, we have the clumping bamboos. These are the ones that the easiest to grow in the fact that they don't take over. This is the fargesia. It's beautiful in the fact that it just clumps. Instead of sending runners, it'll just eventually grow in a circle a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger. It usually doesn't take over, so it's a really good choice to get the clumping bamboos. Last, we have lucky bamboo, which really isn't a bamboo at all. I always assumed that it was, but it's actually a dracaena, so it's a house plant. It's not even related to bamboo. This is considered a house plant where bamboo is actually a grass. The lucky bamboo cannot freeze and they belong in the house, whereas other bamboos seem to be better outside because they can handle a little bit colder temperatures. Next, we'll talk about the varieties of large bamboo.