Buying Home Furniture: Maintenance

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Proper use and monthly vacuuming or cleaning will help your furniture to last. Learn how to maintain furniture that you have bought for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Key point to maintaining your furniture. There's different furniture you can buy. There's bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and sofa sets. As we see here we have a sofa set. The maintaining of of the furniture on the sofa set can be done very easily. Once every month, go ahead and just vacuum your sofas clean them, take care of them. But it's very easy to maintain it. The biggest thing also is making sure that you're using it as furniture, but not as a playground. The reason I say this is because we have kids. We have kids and adults that sometimes go and jump on couches and the kids that jump around the couches. Well, you won't maintain your furniture for very long doing that. The reason why is that they'll end up breaking the couch. The couch won't be warrantied, because of the playing around and then you have to buy another couch. But maintaining your furniture is very easy compared to your bedrooms, your living rooms, your dining rooms. Take care of it, sweep it, clean it, use the right products that they have in the stores. They have different products in the stores that you can buy for it. And that's very simple to maintain your furniture.