Laundry Tips: Lint

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When doing laundry, make sure to remove lint from the lint catcher before drying a new load of clothes. Clean the lint catcher with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. Welcome back. All right, so now we're going to go into drying a load of clothes that has come out of the washing machine. And a thing we want to talk about also is just this is a step, once again, be careful. If you have an item of clothing that is like red, or has been died with ink or anything like that, anything that could basically run into the other colors, make sure you're washing that by itself--because this is another step you could put something red in here that it's the first time it's being washed, and then the colors could come out, and you could come out with red streaks all over your clothes or a nice pinkish hue to your clothing, which I'm not--I don't really want. But anyway, so we've got these clothes that are already to go. Move them into the drier. And then the lint catcher. This is key. Everyone always forgets this for some reason, I don't know why. The lint catcher, believe it or not, catches the lint. And then what your job is to go through, before you wash the clothes, is to come and scrape the lint and collect it off of here, like so. And then this is why you have the garbage can. And you throw the lint in the garbage can. Lint catcher back in. Grab out our drier sheets, one drier sheet per load, load it in, door is closed. We're on high heat--we're going to go to normal on automatic dry and see how that does, and then you press the start button. And you're off.