Laundry Tips: Separation Categories

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When doing laundry, separate light clothing from dark clothing to prevent colors from blending. Separate clothes with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hi, what's up, it’s James. O.k. so the next part we're going to move onto is just the categories of separation for your clothing. And let me stress real quick, it's pretty important that you properly separate these out because; well I'll get into that. So basically the, the categories I want to define are stuff that needs to be dry cleaned so talked about the wool sweater that needs to get dry cleaned. I've got an example, this sweet suit that I got for way cheap in L.A., The Garment District. If you need to get a suit go to the Garment District in L.A. This is another example of something that you're just going to have to take to a dry cleaner, it's like you don't do this yourself. And so, like I mean after you wear that or after you wear that it just set it aside and be like I've got a pile that's going to go to the dry cleaners. And usually what I do is like I don't really need this stuff unless it's for like an occasion so I just kind of set it aside and then when I need to go use it I'll, I'll bust it out or whatever. In the next category we've got is we've got our lights which is just like this things all white except for this little, this little symbol that I sewed on there. So we got our whites together and then we got our darks. And the other thing that's really important to think about when separating stuff, and the other reason you want to separate stuff is like o.k. so if I just gone out and bought a pair of red socks, and I was wanting to wash all this stuff together, so I put all this stuff in the washing machine, I grab the red sock and I out it in the washing machine, and like the time the wash is done and you pull it out like all your clothes are going to have a nice little pink hue to them. So just like separate stuff like this is pretty important because it keeps everything clean and separate, and doesn't like mix your colors together and what not. And then along these lines, what we'll get back into it a little later but just to touch on it right now, like if you do find a new, if you buy a new piece of clothing like the first time wash instructions are kind of important. But for this segment just separate stuff out into these categories, dark, light and stuff that goes to the dry cleaners.