Installing New Wood for a Fence: Part 2

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Part 2 - Learn how to install a new wooden board in your fence to replace rotten wood in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi Tim Eaton with Expert Village. The next step now that we are back in the front side of the fence is going to be to nail these boards back in. we have replace the rotten wood on the back as you could see our new board down there now. Normally when you are going to replace a fence board you are going to want to use a four foot level to make sure that your board and your line stays straight as possible. In our case we got preexisting boards right next to the ones that we replacing so it is going to be a simple as just pulling tight against the old board. Just like that and that would be a straight as we need it just like that. The only different between nailing on a fence board and nailing in a 2x4 is use a different size nail. You want to use a 8D nail also called the 8th penny nail if you are asking for it at a home improvement store. Same size box, same color nail, just different size, a little bit shorer 2 3/8 inch long. Because these boards are shorter you don't need a long of a nail to get through them. Typically to hold in a fence board just going to need two nails on each one. So just make sure that you could see your board back there so you nail into it and don't miss. You could also judge it by where the nails are on the board right next to the one that you are replacing. You never want to use the old hole because your nail won't hold nearly as tight as it would with the new hole. So you line yourself up a new nail. Give a few good taps to get it started. That one is good. Pressing the top. Press and make sure that it doesn't swing. Give it a couple of hits. Then just repeat the same steps with the next board. Just give them all one more tap to make sure that they are nice and tight and that should give you exactly what you need. Tight ready for paint.