Finishing Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture is sealed with several coats of lacquer. Find out what the process is for sealing wood furniture in this free video. View Video Transcript

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After we've got this wood filled and stained, the wood filler has to dry overnight, then you're ready for the next day. But, then we'll start with a sealer, which is a lacquer sealer that we usually get from Sherwin Williams and we'll put several coats of that, and that's sanded in between the sealers with a 220 and also we use a 320 grit paper that doesn't load up, doesn't get filled up real fast, it's called a no fill. And we use that 3M paper to sand those sealer finishes. Then after that's dried well, then we'll go with our lacquers which is, usually, a satin, moisture resistant lacquer. It's kind of pricey, but it's a very good lacquer that we get from Sherwin Williams. Then we use that on here and put several coats of that and it's also rubbed down in it's final stages to make sure it's a flat, level finish after that's done. And then that's ready to go.