Before You Paint: Wood Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to prepare the area and gather proper painting supplies before you paint your fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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So now that we got everything repair we are ready to paint. Just need a few things simple paint job straight forward one color. So you need a normal roller 9 inches, any standard paint brush any size that you like using is fine it doesn't matter. This is a 2 ½ brush good for pretty much any job and then a regular all paints we are going to use oil paint oil base paint for outdoor applications. Semi smooth surfaces already paint it so it is pretty smooth other then that you just need a standard paint tray that you could get at any home improvement place very very cheap. You could even buy much cheaper ones in this single use use them and throw them away. Other then that all we need to do is take a good piece of plastic. Spread underneath the fence to prevent from getting paint on them or anything like that. Plastic thickness is measure in mil m-i-l. It doesn't really matter what thickness that you use this is really thin stuff. Basically it is just to keep the paint off. So it doesn't need to be anything to strong and all you got to do is open the gate up. You want to get both sides of the gate. That way after we paint the front or the back which ever we paint first. You don't have to move your plastic to paint the other side it is already ready. So you just pull it under. Just like that. Give yourself some on this side as well some on this side and just make sure when you shut your gate grab on to one side of it and then the gate will shut. Spread it out and then you grab whatever you've got around. We've got this old 2x4 so we just set it here to keep the weight on that in case we are rolling the paint roller. Sometimes you roll you would roll low enough that your roller with paint on it would hit the plastic and it would stick to it and pull the plastic back up. So the key of having that not happening is not to have a weight on your plastic that way if we do hit the plastic it would stay to the ground and we could continue painting what we are painting. So the next step with any with painting any sort of bare wood would be priming it first which is different kind of paint then the actual color that you are going to use. So you want to look for exterior primer, water or oil base, it doesn't matter and you don't have to paint the whole thing with it you just paint any spot that you have bare wood where we scratched off the paint down there or also here on the back. Where we replace this whole board here that is going to need to be primed and on top of sealing it it is going to seal this wood to make sure that water doesn't rot it again. The primer also acts to help the oil base paint stick to the wood better, so it would cover better, it would look better and it may prevent us from having to do two coats with the oil base.