How to Design a Copper Plant Holder

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Hi! This is Diana for and today I would like to show you how to make my copper tubing plant hanger to hang outside. The first thing you should do is decide on the design. The fence that I have is kind of long so I am going to make my design so it is long from side to side. What I've decided is to have one plant hanging on this planter. So you can decide how long your fence is and how many plants you want to have hanging on it. I'm going to make one curly Q on the side, a curly Q in the opposite direction on the other side and I am going to make the plant hanger right in the center. Now if you had a space that was more vertical, you could try making it this way with a curly Q at the top, one at the bottom and the plant hanger right in the middle. So you can decide how big your space is, how many plants you want, draw out your design and this will help you decide how much copper tubing you need to buy.