Gel Stain on Mahogany & Oak

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Gel Stain on Mahogany & Oak - Provided by eHow
Gel stain doesn't penetrate grain as completely as oil stain. Learn using a gel stain for staining wood in this free woodworking and wood project series from an expert carpenter. View Video Transcript

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In this clip we're going to talk about staining wood with gel stain. Here I have a piece of a piece of Mahogany to which on this side I've applied a gel stain and on this side, with a similar color, in oil stain. Now some people because of that fact that gel stain doesn't penetrate as completely into the wood, they sort of feel it blocks up the grain, it doesn't look as natural as an oil stain. I'm not here to, to give you an opinion, I'm just showing you the difference. Here's a piece of Oak, where I've put the gel stain on one side and the oil stain on the other. Now again, some people feel that because the gel stain simply sits on top of the wood, of course it can serve to fill open pores of the grain of a piece of wood, such as Oak. But, some woodworking purists prefer the penetrating tone of the oil stain. Again, I'm not here to give you an opinion, just here to guide you toward making your own experiments.