Tools Needed to Build a Fence

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Build a privacy fence and learn tools used to build a privacy fence including a tape measure, screw gun, and a circular saw in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Mark Sullivan for Expert Village. Today we will show you how to build a privacy fence around your yard. The other tools which you would need for this job would be a tape measure. I recommend a 25 foot tape measure would work just fine. You would be using this a lot. You would also would need a screw gun, this is what you are going to use to drive the screws which would hold your fence together. The type of screws which we are using are bugle head, drywall type screws. The ones that we are going to be using is zinc coated and these are to hold the pickets on. These come in many lengths. So we would also be using this style of screw in about a 4 inch. Another tool you would be needing is the circular saw. Now this is a standard circular saw. This you would be cutting 2x4 with, possibly 4x4 and also the supports to hold up your 4x4. So be careful with this tool do not, don't get hurt with this tool. This is a dangerous tool, this is the safety blade make sure it works like that so it retracts by itself. Generally the trigger is here, this is the blade which spins around really fast. So you want to keep your fingers away from the blade and this would also throw up a lot of wood when you are cutting. So you want to wear safety glasses with this. Also it is good to have some earplugs when you are using this and any other power tools.