Steam Clean Clothes

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Steam cleaning clothing at home is a good option for one or two item cycles. Learn how to seam clean clothes from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies, we're going to talk today about steam cleaning your clothes at home. There are a couple different ways of steam cleaning your clothes, obviously a dry cleaner is going to do that, but if you purchase one of those at home dry cleaning kits you can virtually do the same thing. A dry cleaning kit comes with what looks like a fabric softener sheet, and what you do is you put that into the bag, seal the bag, put it into the dryer and turn on the dryer. What happens with that little piece of what looks like a fabric softener sheet is that it has the little bit of moisture in there and when the dryer steams up that bag, it releases that moisture which causes the steam to clean your clothes in the bag. Once that's all done, you just go ahead and take it out. You'll unseal that bag, throw away your little fabric softener sheet type thing and you're set and you've got some clean clothes.