How to Stain Wood

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Staining wood furniture is an important part of furniture restoration. Find out how to stain wood and get an even stain across the grains in this free video. View Video Transcript

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One of the very first things you want to make sure of is, that whatever you're using to stain, whatever color, whatever material, is that you stir the material up thoroughly because what happens is, you might have the solids, down in the bottom and then, whatever your solvent is, up on the top and you go to stain it on here and then as you get down further and further, in your stain bucket, all of a sudden it starts getting real dark and you might have, lets just say, a chest and two end tables and a dining table and by the time you getting to that dining table, all of a sudden, one of your leaves looks real dark and you go "oh my gosh, what have I done?" Well you didn't stir that up, really well and keep it stirred, so all your colors are the same throughout, whatever your project is that you're doing that day. What you do is, you want to make sure that it's a wet coat so I mainly just kind of slop it on there. I want to make sure it's really good and wet so as long as it's wet, that means it's uniform and everything has got a wet coat over it and then I'll take another rag and I'll wipe it and get it down, like that, first so mainly all that wet part's off and then I might flip that rag over where it's a little drier part and then I'll make sure that it's all even and smooth, with the grain, like that and that's how I get this color on there, right there.