Laundry Tips: Clothesline

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When doing laundry, use a clothesline to dry clothes and save energy. Dry clothes using a clothesline with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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Hey what's up, it's James. Alright I want to discuss alternate ways to dry things and if you don't want the washing machine to dry things. If you have clothing that like if you dry it, it might shrink like the great way is when you take it out of the washing machine is to like hang it up like here or another really cool option that I'm actually really wanting to, to put in, in our backyard is actually putting up a clothes line for drying clothes. Especially I live in Utah and the air here is super dry so if you put something out over night like it will be dry in the morning which is nice. They also, I've seen designs though for like clothes line type things that you can like inside your house that don't take up that much space and then I mean let's like I'd love to plug here like saving energy instead of like if you could put stuff on the line like it's going to save the electricity that would go into to do the dryer. So I don't know, I need to get my work done on that but it's a different option for you.