Buying Home Furniture: Quality

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Get details on the materials and how a piece is made to ensure your are getting good quality. Learn the importance of quality when buying furniture for the home in this free video. View Video Transcript

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The importance of quality of furniture. The quality of furniture is very important if you want something to last. We have consumers that are looking for something that they want to last for 5-10 years. Look for the details. Ask your sales representative how the quality is and how it's made. What it's made of. We're looking at this leather couch right here. This leather couch, again, is a lot better quality than your fabric couch. It's the reason why this couch won't have a problem - tendency to tear. You can notice the leather on the couch. You can feel the leather on the couch, but also you can see the stitching on the couch. The stitching on the couch on the leather is very important because it won't tend to tear. This is just on the leather couch. There's also consumers that are looking for something that doesn't have the highest quality. They have those types of products also out there. But again, if you're looking for something good, if you're looking for quality, ask your sales representative what they have out, do they have a lot of different options. This is one leather piece that has very high quality. This is a 100% leather couch. If we walk over here you're going to notice the leather. The leather that we have here on this unit here that they have on the leather couches. This is a leather piece with a vinyl side. What that tends to do on price is lower your price. But again the quality is not going to be there also. So the quality is going to be less quality, less guarantees, and possibly more problems in the near future.