Laundry Tips: Hampers

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When doing laundry, use a hamper to keep all clothing items organized at the laundromat. Buy a hamper with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up? It's James. Alright welcome back. So now we're going to talk about hampers and why hampers are awesome and key and how you can kind of like buy a hamper that looks pretty cool. So I don't have a hamper per say. What I've got here is a laundry basket. And I'm kind of a dork and like to have everything like look all cool and nice in my place so I've got this like wood basket one that I thought was pretty sweet. I've also got a white plastic one that I don't know if the camera can see because my room's a little dark but it's actually holding up my t.v. over there so there are alternate uses for hampers besides just clothing. There's other really cools ones though like my my friend had one that like was all like cloth on the inside and just sat on a wood frame. So go out and find that one that works for you. And also the one thing I don't think about this is it's pretty small. So make sure you buy one that can hold all your clothing. And especially we're going to get into this in a little bit but like I've got my washer and dryer here so I can just walk my clothes right up to it but if you're going to a laundry mat you want a good size hamper that can carry all your clothes. And then it ties right back into the first part which is organization that a hamper just keeps your closet and your life pretty organized.