Measure & Cut Wood: Fence Repair & Maintenance Tips for Home Improvement

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Learn how to measure and cut boards to replace rotten wood in your fence in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Tim Eaton on behalf of Expert Village so we got our rotten wood taken out, we got it cleaned out so we are ready to measure for our new wood. Standard measuring tape any length, you could even use for this side job you could use a yard stick whatever save your self some money. You want to make sure you have a tight measurement but not to tight. So you just make sure that this board is really solid so we know we could measure off of it and the goal here is to wind up with this board on this right hand edge. So you just place your tape tight against that board and you could make your tape bend a little bit that way that it is easier to read. You just go right like that and that is exactly 13 inches so the board that we need to cut needs to be 13 inches long. So you write it down that way you don't forget 13. It is easier to remember when it is a even number when there is no fraction if you have a fraction you always want to write down and make sure that you get it right. So for this type of job we are going to use a standard circular saw. Basically like this if you don't have a circular saw you could do it with any type of say that you have around it is just easier with one of these so if you have one or have the means to get one it is a good thing to have. You always want to make sure that your cords are tied off that way you don't pull your chord out half way through your cut it could damage your blade on your saw. So just like that a simple twist like that, that way when you pull them they don't pull apart. You also want to make sure that you are wearing your safety gloves and your safety glasses. Now this is your standard 2X4 right here that you could buy for a home improvement warehouse 8 feet long 2X4. I happen to have a scrap already around so we are going to use that since it is a short piece down there and you just want to take your tape measure, stretch it from on side, and you give yourself a nice mark. Right at 13 inches. You are also going to need on of these it is called a triangle square or a speed square. It is perfect for it got a nice fling edge right here so you could set it right on the piece of would and it would stick tight you could stick pressure on it and put it tight. Put it right on your V mark and then you get your pencil back and you line it up, make your mark that way you got a perfectly straight mark all the way across the board. It is sometimes difficult to keep those solids straight when you are sawing. So once you got that, got your line, now if I cut it like this the board would fall down in between the saw horses as soon as you move your saw horses a little bit closer have your cut board be the one that falls off. You want to give one good hand right here on your board so that when you push with the saw the board doesn't push away from you and causes problems. So you give one good hand down like this, one good hand on the saw, you could line up the saw with some kind of guide would be on the front on every one of these saws if you line up your line you pencil line right with that little triangle that would insure that your cut is straight. So once you get there line up your cut, pull your trigger and you are ready to go. Clean cut.