Where to Plant Gardenias

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing expertvillage.com. Well we got to the point of selecting the area that we need to plant our Gardenias. For today, I selected this are for one, that this is partial sun. Be ware that Gardenias do enjoy either full sun or partial sun. Another thing to keep in mind is the PH level so stay away from sidewalks or driveways or too near the home. If you are going to do that, be sure you keep them away at least 3 feet away from the concrete because the concrete has high elevations of PH levels. We will discuss that more later on. When selecting the area be sure that the soil is in good conditions, drainage is going to be perfect. This is the perfect spot for me. I have selected this area today because as you can see the tree is behind me and it is going to provide partial or full sun later in the day. Remember they enjoy either full sun or partial sun. For me personally this is the perfect area. there's a tree behind me, that is going to give you partial sun or sun. Well this is a perfect area for planting my Gardenia's for today and this is how we select the area for planting our Gardenias.