Preserving Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture can be preserved by various means. Find out how to furniture to increase the longevity of its life. View Video Transcript

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One of the things that I would say, you could take the piece home and everything is going to be sitting there. You want to use, as far as cleaning it, you want to use things that are more wax free. Guardsman makes a good polish that doesn't have silicones in it or anything and you can use that to clean off your pieces with, that's what we recommend, is more Guardsman polish like that. If you want a hard wax, then you're going to need something like a Carnauba type wax, which is a paste wax and you have to rub that in and make sure you get it all off and then that produces a pretty hard finish, on top of your finish. At the same time, after you've put multiple layers of that on there, you've got to clean that off, down the road and it takes a little time to clean it off. We mainly would use a Guardsman finish that doesn't have, that polish doesn't have a lot of waxes or silicones, in it so it's not bad for your finishes. People in general, will grab Lemon Pledge or End Dust or something like that, that's got silicones in it because it's easy. You spray it on, wipe it off and it feels really slippery or that really slippery feeling, that's silicones. And those silicones get in your finish, you ever go to finish that thing again, down the road, you know like your top gets messed up and you want to refinish it, those silicones will cause things, that we call fish eyes. It'll be big circles in your finish and it's very difficult to refinish it, once it's had those types of polishes put on there. That's what we would recommend. Something that's a light easy thing to do. It doesn't have a build up and makes it easy to take care of, over the years.