Tips for Staining Furniture

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Use Q-tips to stain hard to reach places. Learn how to stain and age furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Ok, in this next clip, I'm going to show you how to get in those hard to get places, that you might not get with your rag. Alright, you see we got, basically our first coat on. A lot of the times, remember, we're working it, you know, the grain of the wood. I told you, don't go against the grain of the wood. Now, there's a couple of ways you'll get this. You'll have these areas where you'll see that pine, you want to get it through. Now, you could just take a corner of your rag and go against the grain like this to get it done. But realize, you're going to have that streak there. So, by doing that, you want to always feather it out, by working it out, and then feather it out even more, going across. Another way is a simple, easy way. Just grab a couple of Q-tips, and just dab them in your, your a, stain and you see, you can come right over here and just go, right like that. Look at that. And you'll see a nice, easy way to get in those hard to reach areas. Again now, once you do get in those hard to place areas with the Q-tip, you might just want to go back over with your rag and just slightly or lightly rub it. And that will eliminate any of these hard to get areas. That's a little trick there, and realize we're going to have this pretty much done now. So, when we come back, we're going to actually just get everything cleaned up and we're going to let this sit for the next twenty-four hours, as it dries . Or, if you prefer a second coat, you might want to just let it dry for about three-four hours, to where you could touch it, to the touch where it's dry, and then apply your second coat.