How to Apply Furniture Stain

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Save money by using rag to stain instead of brush. Learn money-saving tips for staining and aging furniture in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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OK, in this next clip we're going to actually show you how to stain the wood. Okay, we're back. I got our stain. Now realize this is a quart, 32 ounces of stain. This will go a long way for this cabinet. What I like to do is give a good shake in the can and what I'll do then is pour it into a bucket like so, a little bucket like so, so it's easier to work with and I'll pour maybe about a 1/4 of the can in there and realize if some drips get there, it's Okay, we're going to get it out with our rag. Now remember I told you, I don't like working with a brush. I just find it's a lot easier and cheaper as a matter of fact, if your looking to save a few bucks, go with a rag. So I have my rag here that I've been using already for our testing. You see it's already black it's done, remember to put your gloves on. You don't want to get stain on your hands and what your going to do is liberally dab it in there to get a nice amount on your rag, then we're just going to dab it on to the side of the bucket and we're going to go with the grain of the wood. Going left to right. Now I'm going to do two coats so I'm going to put our first coat on, just make it a nice swoop from one to the other and realize you have this brown or black buttons holding this piece on, don't worry about it because looking to antique everything. So the older it looks by even going over stuff the better. So we're going to work a nice coat from one end to the other. Always, remember always, going with the grain of the wood. Now here I didn't go with the grain of the wood because I over lapped, that's okay, just grab right here and go straight down. So that's it. Get your kids involved. This is a great way to get your kids involved. Go with the grain of wood. We're going to do one coat and we'll come back when the coat is done and show you how it looks and then of course, we're going to do a second coat. Have some fun, you know, open up a can of beer, play some music, and start staining your wood.