Installing New Wood for a Fence: Part 1

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Part 1 - Learn how to install a new wooden board in your fence to replace rotten wood in this free home improvement repair and maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Tim Eaton on behalf of Expert Village. So we got our piece cut 13 inches and the next step would be to install it and basically anytime your are doing work with 2X4s fence unless you are actually replacing fence board you want to use a 12D nail and it is really easy to find at any store 12D also called 12 penny if you are going to ask somebody and as a standard 3 and a quarter inch nail. Just like this perfect length for any kind of 2X4 repair. Make sure that you get a lot of these board and a lot of nail in the other board. So real simple first things first these boards are loose but before we could nail these boards on we have to nail this board on. So what you want to do is just set it in place and it is going to take you one good hand to hold it. So it is going to be hard to nail so what I recommend is put it on the ground in front of you, grab yourself a nail two nails and just put it in place. Careful not to hit your own fingers and just start it just like that, that way your nails started you could move your board around and you don't have to hold your nail. So then you put it in place just like that, give it a few good taps until you could feel it in the meat. Make sure that you are straight with this board here on the edge and once you are in there tap it all the way in tight. You want to make sure you hit it a couple of times even if the head is even with the wood just to sink it a little bit and you repeat that step. Solid on that end. This is a little bit more tricker over here since we are not nailing straight down you got to take your nail and put it at a angle and the trick is you got to get it started so you could hold it like that and then you got to give it a few good taps. You could tell right there that it is hitting the wood right now so once you get to that point tap it in and it is tight. Then you have to add however many nails you need to add to make it tight.