How to Find Grain When Ironing a Tablecloth

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Learn how to find the grain when ironing tablecloths from a professional costume designer in this free video on ironing. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Marti with Today I'm going to show you how to iron a tablecloth. Ironing a tablecloth is really very simple. The biggest problem with it is that there is lots of it. Unlike pants and shirts, jackets that are constructed, tablecloth are pretty straight forward. When you are ironing your tablecloth you want to iron with the grain of your fabric not against the grain of the fabric. If you are not sure what the grain of your fabric is, take a part of it and try to stretch it and see what side it gives. The side or the direction that does not give is the grain of your fabric. If you give it a light squeeze to see which way it's running, in this case the lines are indicating the grain is running the same direction. So that is the direction we are going to iron with you want to iron with the grain and not against the grain.