How to Prune Houseplants

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To prune houseplants, use a pair of gardening shears or a pair of scissors to trim back branches off the mother plant that grow too far out. Keep a plant pruned back to encourage more growth later on with plant advice from an urban horticulturist in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr Green Thumb. How do you trim houseplants? Well pretty much the same way you might trim plants outside even. We have an impatiens here which is often considered a houseplant near a bright window and occasionally this plant like many other houseplants will get out of bounds. They'll kind of grow long shoots that get too long. And we're going to use this other little plant here which is actually sometimes an outside plant. But let's say you've got something that's growing out of here and it's too too big, it's coming out of this position and you want to get rid of it. Now you can use something like even a pair of scissors on something small, or you'd probably get a little pair of hand cutters like we have here. And you're simply going to come back in and cut to a logical spot. And by that I mean we're going to cut where something branches off the mother plant. Either off the main stem or off a little side part of the plant as well. So you can do something like that or if you came back in on this impatiens, and you wanted to trim back let's say a little stem that's just kind of growing too far out of bounds, come back in, trim the plant normally to where another branch is and make sure you make a nice clean cut. Cutting back plants shouldn't be fearful and in fact you can often start more plants from it. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.