How to Use Laundry Detergent

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm back here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment, we are going to be talking about laundry detergent. Now I have gone ahead and poured out in a big ole thing of laundry that I have. I go to Costco, I went to get you a cup and you fill it. They always come with one so you just measure it out of the lid and I fill it almost all the way to the top for a medium load. If it is a large load, I use 1 to 2 and if it is a small load I use a half. Now it is very important because some laundry detergents are extra concentrated so all you have to do is full proof. You follow the directions on the side of your laundry detergents. They would tell you how much you need. But some people like powder detergents, some people like liquid, I prefer liquid. Why? Well, because powder sometimes does not always dissolve in cold water washes like what we are doing with the darks. You still get some of that crunchy powder on your shirts it does not look to good. So I have switched to liquid and I never go back to powder but you use what you like.