Digging the Hole for Gardenias

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Expert Village. You know we are getting closer to our project. What we need to do now is dig the hole for Gardenias. Take into consideration the size. This is particular one gallon so we are going to dig that size plus at least one more inch. When you grow around it, let it be between 1/2 inch to inch. Okay now let's start digging now. Well we are lucky today. This soil is so loose, it's moist just like we need it and it is going to be perfect for our Gardenia. One more, there we go. We are going to check to see the hole is what we need; the appropriate size. What we are going to do is we have our Gardenia, pull it up gently. Perfect. It is right above the ground level here. We have about 2 inches around it which is going to be fine because we need the roots to grow fast. This is great. We still have 3 more holes to go to. Let's attack them and this is how we prepare the holes for Gardenias.