Choose the Right Materials for a Picket Fence

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The right wood is important for a picket fence to avoid rotting. Learn about what materials to use from a professional contractor in this free home improvement video. View Video Transcript

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We are here to talk about the materials that we used on our project. This is a pressure treated 4x4 post. Now in the old days they used some pretty nasty chemicals for this pressure treated post here. Now it is a little bit different. They use more environmentally friendly chemicals to preserve this wood. Again this is a piece of pressure treated wood. This is a 2x4 foot frame that I used. Again you can use any hard wood for your frame and for your post. Here in this part of the world we also have the option of redwood. Redwood also resists rot and deterioration. Now these pickets were used from a soft knotty pine. Again I used one layer of a primer to preserve the soft wood if you will and two coats of paint. Again you can easily use a redwood and get away with perhaps one layer of primer and one coat of paint. Again, however, this is a soft wood and I opted to make this a really durable little picket fence. The other materials that you will need to install your picket fence would be your exterior screws, don't forget your backup battery, a plumb line, and a framing square.