Sanding Edges When Staining Furniture

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Sand away part of whitewash to give aged appearance. Learn how to age furniture with your own creative touches in this free woodworking lesson from an experienced furniture maker. View Video Transcript

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Okay, in this next clip I'm going to show you how to really define and make it look old, and antique it, let me show you some tricks. Okay, if you made it this far with me, we're into day three, and you have your two coats and you might have little blotchy things, you might be saying "Oh, it's not what I was looking for", well let me show you how I can make something that maybe doesn't look right, there's never a wrong way of doing this, that's the thing. So what I do is I take my point of my scraper and I just cut lines through the wood, like so, you just see I put a lot through, it doesn't matter how many or where you put them. I do tend to like to get around where the door handles are going to be. I like to put a lot of wear and tear there because the door handles always seem to have that, and I just cut some lines through the wood like so. Then I'll beat the heck out of it again, and I'll hit spots that I want to hit like around the door, and I'll hit things like so, and what I'll do is after I beat the heck out of it, when you do these scrapes you're going to see a lot of the paint and and the lines come, I just give it a quick scraping, and don't worry if you give it little gouges here and there with little nicks like that, that looks good, you want to make it look old. But here's the trick to really getting that to where you really want it to look antique and old and what you do is you grab your sandpaper. You see the edges here? You sand down those edges to where you get the wood to come up and you see how that wood, the brown stain under the whitewash comes up? That's what I like to get up. So I spend some time and I just go up and down, look, see how I'm doing that? Going with the grain, and what happens is you start to sand away some of that whitewash and make it look really old. Some easy, easy tricks. So do that to the whole thing, do that to your sides, come over here and have some fun, get the kids involved, everybody work together, a couple of hours you're going to have a beautiful antique hutch.