How to Grow Chelonia

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Now for your shade garden the turner head plant is probably one of the best one's to have it's leaves are always nice and shiny, nice and healthy, it probably would bloom end of August through the whole month of September and probably into October also. You don't see any of the flowers now but them would come out right here and they are shades of pink. All dark to light shades of pink on the top of every one these and it is really a beautiful plant to have. It grows nice and straight. I have it here next to a sedum another sedum which is actually a fall plant so the 2 look very nice together. This plant would grow oh probably almost it's size when it is small, when you get one these big it would grow and grow and grown and probably next year I might have to divide this. When they start getting small in the center they would hollow out in the middle that is a good time to when it is saying to you time to split me in half and move me to another section in the garden. They are trying to tell you that. So right now I like it cause it is still big, it is still pretty bushy and it looks healthy, and when it comes out in August and September it will be a nice specimen here in this semi shade garden.