Power Tools for A Wrought Iron Fence

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Power tools with and advice on wrought iron fences, learn about creating arches and mig welders and tape welders in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. This particular machine is one of the tools that we use that creates our arches. We don't really do tight bends, that's gradual arches or degrees in our material to give it that, to give it a sweep up or down, whether it be hand rail or gates. Depending on the size, on the width of your tubing or your flat iron, you adjust it here. It feeds through the top of this roller and this is where you get your degree of bend, how far you run the middle roller up or down. Of course it has guides here on the side so it doesn't get all wobbly, but that's one that we use a lot, any time you see a degree of a roll, that's the easiest way to do it with power. We use a mig welder in the fabrication of the gates, hand rail, or the fencing, simply because it's fast, it's economical, and it lays a pretty clean feed. We mainly use it for the outdoor stuff. For the indoor projects we usually use a tape welder because you get a little more intricate, cleaner weld, because of course the details are going to be seen a little more up close. So anyway this is one of the welders that we use in the fabrication of wrought iron gates and fences.